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Direct mail versus digital

As shoppers were confined to internet shopping, online meetings, and e-gatherings, direct mail came into its own as the antidote to digital fatigue. 92% of millennials, arguably the most tech-savvy shoppers, say they're influenced by direct mail to make purchase decisions.[1]

But that's not to say digital has lost its bite. Brands still attain global reach and influence using captivating socials and strategic email campaigns; and UK spend on digital marketing continues to increase.[2]

To find out which channel is truly more effective, we spoke to some shoppers about their opinions on direct mail versus digital advertising.

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[2] Cybercrew, 2021.

"I follow gin and rum companies on social media so see their marketing a lot. Dead Man's Fingers, my favourite rum, are always posting different cocktails and new flavours - it's that inspiration for stuff I like about digital. But if I've got physical mail I'm more likely to keep it with me and remember to buy in-store." - Polly, 24

"I'm not loyal to a certain drinks brand - I try different things all the time. If physical mail is 'targeted' at me using generalisations about my age etc, I don't like it. I want something to be truly personalised. Digital advertising isn't as invasive as it once was, and can be very clever." - Tim, 42

"You have to stop and look at print advertising. Online ads are so easy to ignore. Having said that, I've bought a lot of things from Instagram and my friends have as well." - Faith, 21

"There's a lot of craft beer and ale advertising around, particularly BrewDog - they do a lot online. I enjoy receiving offers and discounts via direct mail, especially when they're seasonally themed. Marketing emails get boring, I don't want to receive more than two a week." - Ry, 24

We recently helped Butcombe Brewing Co. launch their new Stateside Session IPA with a one-off marketing event and supporting socials and landing page. 

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"I've got no time for direct mail that isn't appropriate for me. It needs to be targeted. But if that's done well I'll often come back to it later and engage with it multiple times. I don't take a lot of notice of social media ads." - Rowan, 65

"Drinks brands seem to advertise a lot on podcasts so that's how I hear about them. Digital advertising is more environmentally-friendly than direct mail. The volumes of marketing emails I receive, though, is ridiculous." - Isobel, 24

"I can recall social media ads when they've been controversial; BrewDog suggesting you needed to get through the holidays with 96 cans of beer, for example. Physical mail lets me consume the marketing at my leisure. Although, I'm more likely to buy after seeing a combination of print and digital. The fact that the brand's been invested in suggests to me there's something genuine about it." - Nicci, 50 

At The Creative Consultancy we believe in pairing print and digital marketing to achieve real cut through, whoever your target market are.

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