The Creative Consultancy

Royal Mail Christmas 2019

A hectic flurry of frantic activity. For retailers and shoppers alike, Christmas is a demanding season. We tapped into maximising business potential with a multi-channel campaign that reworked the classic Christmas wish list with facts and figures to support retail ‘must haves’ – all delivered by Royal Mail.

From last minute orders to trusted delivery – our engaging Direct Mail campaign ticks off what's on every retailers wish list this festive season. The campaign was supported with emails, social media animation and a landing page with delivery services, and vital facts like last posting dates.

What’s on shoppers’ wish lists? We turned the tables in an engaging follow up reminder DM which highlighted delivery facts and stats as told from their customers’ perspective. 

Every ‘wish’ was real, based on independent research by Trinity McQueen in their 2019 Delivery Matters report. By highlighting festive services which met ‘top of list’ genuine demands from retailers and shoppers, we helped Royal Mail kick off a successful run up to Christmas 2019.