The Creative Consultancy

Royal Mail Sectors

In order to upsell to existing customers and bring new prospects on board we positioned Royal Mail as a provider of specialist services for the Pharmacy and Footwear & Fashion sectors. We used a combination of illustration and still life photography to demonstrate Royal Mail’s understanding of the sector and its range of bespoke solutions. Our creative included direct mail with supporting emails & landing page, plus animations to share on social media.

Our Fashion & Footwear campaign – To demonstrate Royal Mail’s fit in the Fashion & Footwear sector we highlighted the importance of a quality delivery experience to online shoppers. Retailers know this is a key driver of loyalty, so we positioned Royal Mail’s ability to improve first time delivery as its key USP – giving shoppers the option to choose a home delivery by their trusted postie or delivery to a neighbour, safe place or Post Office® if they’re not at home.

Our Pharma campaign – To give Royal Mail’s pharmacy proposition credibility with pharmacists we identified the growing demand for home delivery of prescription medicines as a key growth opportunity to develop loyalty with patients. We highlighted Royal Mail’s trusted status with the public making it the obvious delivery partner for pharmacists.